Travel as a metaphor

This month’s theme for a simple year is travel, which is pretty good timing considering I’m going on a 2.5 week holiday over Easter! Anyway, the writer wrote how travel can be a metaphor for life. How much I choose to pack on my travels reflects how I choose to live my life.

So how do I pack for travel?

OK, so my colleagues will probably laugh at me. I’ve been known to check in luggage for short trips to Melbourne. My reasoning, being:

I hate carry-on luggage. I’d rather carry my purse with me on the plane and have everything else checked in. I don’t want to worry about cramming everything into my carry-on, dragging it around with me at the airport, then struggling to find space in the overhead locker. I’ve already paid for checking in luggage. I might as well make the best use of space. I honestly don’t mind the extra time it takes for me to have to wait for my luggage to come. I prioritise my convenience over that.

I’d rather be over than under prepared. I don’t want to risk not having a fresh piece of underwear. To be fair, if it’s a short trip, I already lay out my outfits for each day so I don’t have to worry about mixing and matching. Also, I like doing other stuff when I’m out. (Vague, I know.) I mean, I like exercising or checking out the hotel pool. So I bring stuff like gym gear or my swimwear in case I have the time to make use of the facilities.

Granted, those are pretty short trips, and they’re mostly to hotels. (I don’t backpack much.) I don’t think I over-pack… I just don’t under-pack. I’m not super efficient at packing and I’m honestly fine with it, considering I’m still within my luggage limits. I don’t want to struggle with laundry or stressing over optimal combinations of tops and bottoms unless I really have to.

So… upcoming 2.5 week trip. I’m already wondering about the best way to pack for this. I definitely think I’ll have to do laundry at some point… hmmm. Challenge is that I’m going to colder climate, so I’ll have to pack my cold weather stuff, too.

So… what does this mean about how I “pack” for my life?

I guess it means I don’t want to be a super minimalist? Haha. I still think there’s room for me to declutter, but I’m not too fussed about having my apartment become really bare. I value convenience over effort, which probably means I’m fine with having slightly more clothes if it means I don’t have to do laundry as often, or something.

But yeah, still figuring this thing out.

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