The endless loop of always getting ready

Sometimes I spend so much time (and money on things) getting ready, I never end up doing the thing I’m getting ready for.

I was at the supermarket with someone (who shall not be named, to protect their identity) two months ago who had recently gotten into mindfulness colouring. They spent so much time in the stationery aisle, and bought all kinds of pens and books. Since then, they have coloured the grand total of one time, and didn’t end up finishing it either.

I’m the same way about a lot of things… I love getting ready for the life I imagine myself living. I can spend hours online perusing things for my ideal lifestyle. I’ve bought pretty stationery to organise my months and a bespoke notebook to help me keep track of the top three things I’m grateful for each day. I’ve purchased apps to help me become healthier for the time I turn into a wellness machine. I’ve bought furniture and kitchenware for moments of quiet reflection on the balcony, which never seemed to arrive.

After the colouring book incident, though, I’ve realised… enough.

So I stopped getting ready for the life I wanted, and dived in headlong. No more spending time looking for inspiration on beautiful living spaces; or what stationery was out there to help make sense of my life; or what the latest app is to help motivate me. I’ve already got all the tools I need.

I’m typing this on the balcony. I’ve always wanted to spend time relaxing here, and now I actually do it. I eat meals here when I can… I enjoy being able to look out and catch the final rays of light in the evenings. I savour having more time to think about things. I take my laptop out here sometimes and “work” in the open. (I think being out in the open-ish air makes me not want to mindlessly surf the Internet as much I usually do, haha! So that’s a plus.)

So here’s to stop getting ready, and actually being ready!

2 Replies to “The endless loop of always getting ready”

  1. I enrolled in a goal setting/getting class for creatives a few weeks ago, and our facilitator told us that sometimes we spend so much time overthinking things that we never do anything. I’m trying to get rid that now. And I think that we’re never really COMPLETELY ready; we’re ready as soon as we decide on it. 🙂

    1. Haha I definitely agree… I overthink everything!

      I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably never going to be ready for anything. It’s like that software principle… it’ll always be 90% completed 😛

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